Jerry Matthews

Jerry Matthews assists organizations and individuals to create a successful future. Known as the “Expert on Executive Success”, his consulting practice focuses on executive performance and recruiting. He also consults on association performance, strategic thinking and mergers.

Jerry spent over 20 years as the CEO of the Florida and Illinois State Realtor® Associations, where he created an array of new programs and services, most notably in technology. As a consultant for over 12 years, he has completed over 500 client projects in the US and Canada.

Experience is the most valuable asset. Nothing can substitute. Not research. Not supposition. Not talk. Nothing. Experience matters. Jerry has actual CEO experience of managing large associations through market cycles and challenges and hundreds of consulting challenges.

Jerry's personal interaction with thousands of professionals and hundreds of organizations gives him a deep understanding of business and CEO challenges. This creates perceptive and realistic consulting advice. And he thoroughly enjoys the action – the debate – the creativity – the fun – of interactive sessions.

Jerry has a Bachelor’s Degree from Samford University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. He has earned the CAE designation as well as a Black Belt in Karate. Jerry received the William Magel Award for Executive Excellence from NAR.

Nationally known for future concepts through presentations and videos, he is also the author of seven books. His latest book, “Reach Zenith”, identifies the unique skills of top CEOs.

Jerry has unique experience as a successful CEO and consultant. He will assist you in creating a successful future.